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‘Can I Give Him My Eyes?’ is the Inspiring autobiography of a boy blinded in war who found freedom in forgiveness. 


Richard Moore was ten years old when, passing an army base with friends, he was shot and blinded by a British solider.​


Here, Richard Moore lends us his eyes as he shares his remarkable and singular story, from his early years growing up on the working-class Creggan Estate in Derry, the second youngest of a family of twelve children.


“Like many people, I am deeply grateful for the journey that Richard Moore has taken, beyond injustice and personal disability to the strong, inspiring and immensely fruitful life he lives today. He provides us with a vision of hope and open-heartedness well beyond the culture of fear that led to his injury. I hope that many will be inspired by this book, as I have been inspired by the depth, width and clarity of Richard Moore’s vision.” John Hume

‘Can I Give Him My Eyes?’ Autobiography by Richard Moore

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