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Forgiveness & Compassion

Despite losing his sight in such a traumatic way, Richard returned to his old school, went on to university, successfully ran his own business, became an accomplished musician, and is married with two children and leads a very active and fulfilling life.

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Richard didn’t harbour any bitterness towards the soldier who shot him and always expressed his desire to meet him. In January 2006, Richard met Charles for the first time, and the two men have become close friends.

Amazingly, from childhood to the present day, he has never allowed blindness to hinder his development. “I have learned to see life in a different way”, is how he describes his remarkable acceptance of what for most would have been a debilitating trauma.

In 1996 Richard felt the need to harness all that he had learned and put it at the service of humanity, particularly children around the world who have been caught in the crossfire of poverty. From this, Children in Crossfire was born, with its roots in what began as a tragedy and ended as a triumph of the human spirit to overcome adversity.



‘Can I Give Him My Eyes?’ is the Inspiring autobiography of a boy blinded in war who found freedom in forgiveness. 

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In January 2006, Richard met with the soldier who fired the rubber bullet that took away his sight, known only to him as 'Charles'.

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'What About You?' is a brand new podcast telling real life stories hosted by Richard Moore



“Whether you believe it or not, you are my hero, and a wonderful son of humanity." - His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet



Founded in 1996 by Richard, Children in Crossfire exists to make a significant & lasting contribution towards the eradication of poverty.

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